Does A Police Report Mean You Win Your Auto Accident Case?

A police report can be very important in an auto accident case, but it's not the deciding factor. Here's what you should know about police reports. Importance of Police Reports Police reports hold significant importance in auto accident cases as they serve as official records of the incident. These reports contain crucial details, including statements from involved parties, witnesses, and the officer's observations at the accident scene. They act as a foundational piece of evidence that helps determine fault and liability.

Can You Sue For A Car Crash With A Cow?

Were you injured in a car crash with a cow? Here's what you should know about whether you can sue. Cow Owner's Liability When it comes to car crashes involving cows, one important aspect to consider is the liability of the animal owner. Liability typically arises if the owner fails to exercise reasonable care in preventing the cow from roaming onto the road or if the cow was not properly restrained within its enclosure.

Tips To Avoid Bond Revocation

When you secure your release from jail with a surety bond through a local bail bondsman, it's important to understand that your freedom is conditional. Many people overlook the finer points of a bond release and don't realize that their bond could be revoked at any time if the bond agent deems them a flight risk. Here are some things that you need to know to reduce the risk of bail revocation while you wait for your trial.

3 Important Behaviors To Avoid When Involved In A Custody Dispute

Custody disputes can cause a wide range of emotions for parents. This can cause some individuals to react erratically, which could jeopardize their chances of getting sole or joint custody. Certain behaviors may prompt a family court judge to be wary of awarding custody to a parent. There are many things that parents should not do if they are seeking custody. The following points highlight a few behaviors that could negatively impact a custody case.

What Kinds Of Defenses Can Be Raised If You're Charged With Assault After A Bar Fight?

When you're trying to enjoy a night out with your friends, the last thing you expect is to end up in a bar fight—but it definitely happens. You can wind up in handcuffs very quickly after a brawl gets started, particularly if the authorities simply want to shut everything down. They may not particularly care about the circumstances you were in. Your criminal defense attorney, however, does care. They want to know exactly what happened since the details of your situation often help inform your defense.