Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What Happens When You File

When you are looking at all of your options for debt relief, you may consider what takes place once you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a process that will set off a chain reaction of certain events. Some of these events are designed to protect you, whereas others are designed to protect your creditors. Keep reading to learn about what happens when you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A Bankruptcy Trustee Will Be Assigned to You

Filing a Wrongful Death Suit When You Are Not Married

Grief over the loss of a loved one is not an emotion that is tied to your legal connection to the deceased. For unmarried partners, the pain associated with the passing of someone they love is no different from that of a legally married couple. However, how the court chooses to view the legal routes of these unmarried individuals in wrongful death suits is a little different. While filing a claim if you are unmarried is complex, it is not necessarily impossible.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer When Seriously Injured at Work

Sustaining an injury at work while on the clock is not something any employee wants to deal with. However, workplace injuries are not uncommon, which is why employers have to carry workers compensation insurance to protect employees. When a workplace injury is minor, it is usually easy for a person to file a workers comp claim on their own. But for more serious injuries, hiring an experienced workers compensation lawyer can be a very wise decision.

Need to Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer? 4 Questions to Ask

If you have been injured and it doesn't look like you will go back to work anytime soon, you will need to hire a long-term disability lawyer. A long-term disability lawyer can help you with the detailed process of applying for disability benefits. Question #1: Professional Experience First, you are going to want to ask if the attorney has experience in long-term disability insurance. Find out what percentage of their practice is focused on long-term disability cases.

How To Get The Help Of A Wage Garnishment Lawyer

Civil court cases are filed and tried every day, and many of them involve small claims. People are often taken to court by landlords, utility company and other creditors. When a judgment is placed against you, the plaintiff will often file a claim to garnish your wages in order to make sure that they recoup the cost of your debt. If you think that this was done unfairly, it is important that you hire a wage garnishment lawyer that can try your case and protect you.