Falsely Accused Of Causing A Collision: How A Lawyer Can Help

Are you being falsely accused of causing a collision that injured the other driver? If there is an accident report saying that you are at fault, you will need a lawyer to help you prove your innocence. You may also be able to sue the other party for your injuries. Find out below how a lawyer can help you prove that you are the victim and what he or she will charge.

How Can a Lawyer Help When Falsely Accused of Causing a Collision?

Your lawyer will first speak to you to find out why you feel as though you did not cause the accident. He or she will also get the accident report to see what was written in it by the cops that came to the scene. To prove your case, your lawyer will likely go to the accident scene and ask you to accompany him or her. A sketch will be created based on how you explain what happened on the day of the collision, as it can give the judge a visual of where your vehicle was when the accident happened.

A good piece of evidence may come from the lawyer obtaining video surveillance if it is available. He or she can ask nearby business owners if they have video surveillance. If the accident happened in a residential area, they lawyer may interview people that witnessed everything so they can speak on your behalf in court. If you have enough evidence, your lawyer can help you get paid for things that include:

  • Metal anguish
  • Physical injuries
  • Pain & suffering
  • Loss of income from missing work

What Does Help from a Lawyer Cost?

Your lawyer will base his or her fee on how hard it is to prove that you did not cause the accident. If the lawyer decides to charge an hourly rate, you can expect to pay up to $500 plus. However, you may be charged a contingency fee if your lawyer believes that you will recoup money for your injuries. It is likely that up to 40% of what you are compensated will be the lawyer's fee, as it is what they charge on average.

You don't have to take the blame for a car accident that was not your fault, even if the accident report is not in your favor. Hire a personal injury lawyer like Otorowski Johnston Morrow & Golden P.L.L.C. to prove that you are innocent and help you get paid for your injuries!