Tips For Getting A Bail Bond For The First Time

When someone is arrested, it can be difficult for the family to know what to do. The person is allowed one phone call, but when they call, they may not have been to see the judge yet to find out if they are going to be granted bail or not. If your loved one has been arrested and you want to be able to get them out of jail as soon as possible, use the guide below to know how to handle the situation as quickly as you can.

Go to a Local Bail Bond Company

The first thing you need to do is go to a local bail bond company to discuss the situation. The associate at the company will be able to let you know if you qualify to the terms of the bail bond and what you can use as collateral for the loan.

Gather Proof for Your Collateral

Next, you need to be able to gather the proof needed to verify the authenticity of the items that you want to use as collateral for the loan. If you want to use your home or car as collateral, you need to have the title to show the bail bond company. If you plan to put jewelry as collateral, you need to get the item appraised by a professional appraiser and provide a certificate of appraisal to the bail bond company. This allows them to be sure that the items you are giving them are real and not fakes.

Find Out if Your Loved One Was Granted Bail

Next, you need to contact the court system where your loved one has a trial for their bond hearing. The court will need to know the person's name and date of birth to be able to give you information regarding their bond. It will be public information so you do not have to be related or married to them to get the information.

Apply for the Bail Bond

Once you know how much the bond is, go back to the bail bond company. Provide them with the proof of your collateral and let them know how much the bond is for. Be sure to read the bond paperwork closely so that you know what the person being bonded needs to do when they get out of jail. Many companies require for them to check in with the bondsman on a daily basis to ensure that they do not leave the area or get into trouble.

If your loved one does not show up to court on the court date or skips town, you will be responsible for the entire bond amount. This could be quite significant, so be sure that you can trust the person you are bonding out fully before agreeing to get them out of jail. 

For more information, contact a bail bonds company, such as Ron's Bonds Co., directly.