Proving A Truck Driver Was A Risk To Those On A Highway

If you recently were involved in an accident with an eighteen-wheeler on a highway, and your vehicle had sustained damage in addition to you becoming injured, you will most likely want to press charges in an attempt to receive compensation for your hardships. Proving who had been at fault in a traffic accident is usually done with the assistance of a reputable attorney in the area the accident occurred. Here are some of the tasks your attorney will require you to do in an attempt to show the truck driver was to blame for the accident so you can be reimbursed for medical and vehicular repair expenses.

Deduce If Traffic Cameras Were In The Vicinity

If there were any cameras on the highway used for traffic control purposes, these may have footage of both you and the truck on the highway leading up to the incident. This may show that the truck driver was performing poor driving skills long before they had caused the accident. Your attorney will want a detailed account of the roads you had traveled upon before the incident to see if the truck can be located on routes where traffic footage is likely. They will then contact the area's highway department to have this footage released.

Track Down Other People Who Were On The Same Road

Traffic footage, in addition to word of mouth from others who had stopped to see if you needed help right after the accident, will be helpful in finding out who else may have been on the road during the time the truck was also in the area. If someone had a CB radio in their vehicle, they may have heard other truckers talking about the way the truck driver was conducting themselves on the roadway. A witness may be able to track down these truckers by getting on the station themselves. If someone remembers license plates of other vehicles on the roadway, this information may be helpful in finding others who had witnessed the accident.

Take Photographs Of Everything Pertaining To The Case

The more photographic evidence you can provide in court, the more favorable your possibility of winning your case will be. When you are being treated for your injuries, take pictures of the injuries themselves to show what had happened to you as a result of the accident. Ask your doctor to provide detailed documented information about the injuries as well as this can be used in court. Go back to the scene of the accident to take photographs of the roadway to prove there were no harmful conditions that may have caused the accident to happen. Take pictures of your vehicle to show the damage. This damage can be analyzed by an auto body repair shop to help prove the way the vehicle had been struck was not a fault of your own.

Get Information About The Trucking Company

If there was a phone number on the back of the eighteen-wheeler, call it and ask to speak with a representative of the company. Alert them of the accident and tell them the truck number so you have documented proof that you are following up on the way the trucker had driven. Your attorney will most likely ask the company for a report of the trucker's documented driving hours as well as any prior incidents and training history to help in building a case against the driver and the company.