3 Question You Should Ask Yourself Before You Pursue A Divorce

Divorces are very common. Many couples wonder if divorce is the right route for them in their marriage. In some cases, it is better if the couple can stay together and work out their differences, where in other situations it is best if the couple goes their separate ways and tries to rebuild a life on their own. Here are some things to consider before getting a divorce.

Do You Still Trust Your Spouse?

Trust plays a vital role in a marriage. Many times a couple will divorce because of betrayed trust. One spouse may have had an affair, a hidden addiction, or another problem that betrayed the trust of their spouse. That trust can be rebuilt through therapy, discontinuing the destructive behavior, and through honest communication. However, if after a good amount of time you and your spouse are unable to trust each other, or if the destructive behavior continues, you might consider getting a divorce.

Can You Afford To Divorce?

In an ideal world, divorce would be about what is best emotionally for both spouses and that would be all you had to consider. However, realistically, you have to consider the financial part of divorcing. Before you start the divorce process, you need to go through and decide if you can afford to divorce your spouse. There will be legal fees associated with the divorce, which can be hefty, but even more concerning is the lifestyle change. You now will have to pay for your own housing, cars, and living expenses. You may be splitting your salary in two ways between the spouses if alimony or child support is involved, and you may not make more money but will have more expenses. Many people are worse off financially when they divorce, so you need to realistically look at your financial situation and decide if this is something you can do.

What Is Best For Your Children?

If you have children, then a divorce becomes more than just between you and your spouse. Now you have to consider what is best for them. If your spouse is a danger to themselves or your children, then you might need to divorce. If the relationship is so toxic that it is negatively affecting your children, then you also might need to divorce. However, even in your divorce it is vital to always think about what is best for your children and make sure that they are getting adequate time with both parents.

By asking yourself these questions, you can better decide if divorce is right for you. For more information and advice, contact a divorce attorney in your area, such as those at Kleveland Law.