Child Support Negotiation Tips

Divorce negotiations are not easy because each party wants to maximize their gains at the expenses of the other. Use the following tips to negotiate child support payments without losing your mind or humanity:

Have All Supporting Documents At Hand

If you are the one asking for child support, expect to be making lots of demands and getting countermeasures from your spouse. Your spouse is likely to reject every demand if they think it is unnecessary or over quoted. The best way to convince them of the legitimacy of your demands is to have supporting documents for your claims. The supporting documents should include things like your bank statements, your past tax returns, your home budget, your child's school fees, and official expenses for your child's extracurricular expenses, among other things.

Understand Your State's Requirements

You should also know your state's divorce laws and regulations pertaining to child support calculations. Most states have clear formulas for calculating child support payments, and deviating too much from it will not help you much. For example, asking for a half of your partner's salary may not get you anywhere if your state demands a third of the salary for your situation. Your partner will reject such an offer, knowing well that the court is unlikely to give in to your demands. Therefore, your demands should be roughly in line with your state's rules and regulations.

Look Beyond the Necessities

Your child's welfare does not just depend on your provision of the bare necessities of life. It is not just enough to provide your child with food, shelter, clothing, education, and health. You also need to ensure they can go on vacations, have toys to play with, visit their grandparents, and enjoy other aspects of life. Therefore, do your best to include every little thing that your child may need in the estimations.

Make It All about the Child

If you are not in an amicable divorce, it is easy to focus on what you can get out of the divorce and miss the big picture. For example, you may be focused on hurting your partner, getting the biggest share of the marital assets, or blocking your partner from getting custody of the kids. However, when it comes to child support negotiations, remember that you are doing it for the wellbeing of the kids. Therefore, ask for things because they will benefit the children, and not because getting them will hurt your partner.

Hopefully, your negotiations will be fruitful, but there is no guarantee of that being the case. Therefore, involve a child support lawyer in the case as early as possible so that they can take up the issue with the court in case the negotiations fail.