A Few Reasons To Choose A Law Firm Instead Of A Solo Practitioner For Your Legal Issue

If you are in need of a lawyer to help you with a legal issue, you have the choice of hiring someone who is in practice for themselves or a law firm that employs a number of attorneys. While there is merit to both, you need to consider your situation. If the problem is simple and straightforward, you may choose a solo practitioner who specializes in your need, such as real estate or contract law. However, if the situation is more involved, a law firm will be best for you. Here are a few advantages a firm has over someone working alone.

Financial Stability

A law firm has more lawyers and therefore more people bringing in money. This means you will probably not have to worry about the need to pay upfront for all the expenses your case incurs. In addition, because of the amount of money the firm makes, they can give more leeway in how much they charge. There is a better chance of the firm being able to do some things for free or taking on the case at no charge entirely.

Experience in More Areas of Law

Not all legal situations involve only one aspect of the law. Even with cases that involve only one aspect of the law, there may also be issues within a specific area that require special attention. For example, personal injury cases may require medical knowledge, an understanding of automobile mechanics, or information about product liability issues that may require a bit of business law. A firm is more likely to have experts in each area of the law your case encompasses.


A law firm will not only have more attorneys, they will have more support workers. This means there will be more people able to research and investigate for your case. They will also have more professional contacts. This is important if you need any type of expert witness or your situation requires help from someone out of the state or country.

When you choose a law firm, they have more legal knowledge and experience than a sole practitioner can provide. While this is not always necessary, if there is any chance that your case will be a bit more than what is expected, why not go with a firm that will be sure to have all bases covered? Whether it is your money, your health, or your freedom at stake, you want to go with the choice that will provide you with the best chance of winning.