Get Help From A Law Firm That Provides Prisoners' Legal Services

If you have a loved one who is incarcerated, you're aware of the challenges that he or she faces on a daily basis. However, during a phone call, in-person visit, or letter, you may become aware that your family member is enduring things in prison that are well beyond the daily challenges that prisoners deal with. If your loved one has asked you for help, you'll want to contact a law firm that specializes in legal services for prisoners. Upon sharing what is happening, the firm may take your family member's case and carry it forward. Here are some types of things that can compel legal action on behalf of a prisoner.

Denial Of Basic Care

Your family member may have told you about a time in which the prison denied him or her receiving the proper care. Many such scenarios revolve around illnesses. For example, the prisoner could have been showing serious signs of illness, but not been permitted to visit the prison medical center. Or, there could be a situation in which some of the guards were repeatedly denying your loved one the ability to eat multiple meals per day, resulting in severe weight loss and other serious health issues.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can occur in prisons at the hands of other prisoners and guards. If your loved one divulges to you that he or she has been victimized in this manner, this is definitely an issue that you want to bring to the attention of a law firm that provides prisoners' legal services. Even if an inmate was behind the assault, rather than a staff member, the attorney will argue that the prison failed to create a safe environment for your loved one, and this negligence was a contributing factor to the incident.

Prolonged Segregation

A number of prisoners' rights groups rally against segregation in prison because of the profound effect that it can have on a prisoner's mental state. If you've learned that your loved one has spent much of his or her sentence in a segregation unit with minimal interaction with other humans, you have to be concerned about the toll this environment has taken. Speak to a prisoners' legal services law firm to determine what legal course of action you may be able to take on behalf of your incarcerated loved one and with the help of the firm.

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