What's Your Hurry? How Timing Could Spell Personal Injury Success

It's been said that timing is everything, and this is true when it comes to personal injury cases. If you've been injured by a careless driver and are considering legal action, you might want to bear the following information in mind.

Taking Action

Taking action will make you feel better. As soon as you talk to a personal injury lawyer, you may feel like a burden has been lifted. It's not just your imagination — your lawyer will continue to bear the burden of dealing with the insurance company until you are paid what you deserve. Taking action sooner rather than later can prevent financial problems. Most people will begin to feel the financial pinch when they miss work because of an accident pretty quickly. The sooner you begin your quest to be compensated, the better your financial situation will be. Acting quickly might keep your credit score intact and bill collectors off your back.

Gathering Evidence

Don't wait so long that valuable evidence is lost or degraded. Memories can fade quickly and that is why eyewitnesses need to be contacted and interviewed as soon as possible. In addition, an investigation into video recordings of the accident and bystander's photographs should not wait. Don't put off your medical treatment. You won't have much of a personal injury case if you don't seek medical care and maintain consistent care throughout the time your case is live. Keep records of your treatment, what your doctor tells you, the side effects of medication, and every other facet of your medical treatment. Using a spiral-bound notebook is one way to keep up with things and stay organized.

Dealing With the Other Side

Don't be so eager to settle and end the case. If you are so desperate to settle that you begin negotiating without an attorney, you may end up with an inadequate settlement. The accident adjuster for the at-fault driver will probably offer you what seems to be a good settlement. It might be a fair amount but it's more likely not to be. Insurers only pay out what they have to pay out and the initial offer should be thought of as just the beginning. Don't accept a settlement without considering your future medical needs. If you have a serious medical condition or a permanent injury, you may need continuing medical treatment. Be sure you speak to a personal injury lawyer about your future medical damages before you agree to a settlement.

Reach out to a personal injury lawyer for more information.