Services a Child Custody Attorney Can Offer You

During a divorce, the issues that can surround child custody matters might be some of the most important issues to resolve. This is particularly true when both parents are potentially wanting primary custody. Due to the importance of child custody matters, there are several reasons to hire a child custody attorney.

Representation During the Initial Child Custody Proceedings

There are many matters surrounding child custody issues that will have to be resolved. In addition to establishing which parent has primary custody, it is also necessary to address the visitation rights of the other parent along with any child support payments that may need to be paid. Having professional representation during these proceedings can help with ensuring that your interests are represented effectively throughout this part of the process. This is beneficial even in situations where it is likely that the other parent will be awarded primary custody as an attorney can help with securing generous visitation rights.

Violations of Established Custody Agreements

The final custody agreement for the children will be a legally binding order that both parents will have to follow. Unfortunately, there are instances where a parent may fail to adhere to their end of this agreement. In these situations, there are legal repercussions that they may face. In extreme cases where the parent that is in violation refuses to adhere to the agreement, the courts can hold them in contempt which may even result in jail time. Due to the serious legal repercussions that these violations can create, you should avoid attempting to confront the other parent on your own. Rather, notify a child custody attorney so that they can involve the courts.

Modifying Established Custody Agreements to Reflect Changing Circumstances

At some point in the future, there is a chance that at least one of the parents will have a major life change occur. For example, they may have to take a job in a distant part of the country or they may take a job that conflicts with the current visitation schedule. While it is possible to modify a child custody agreement, it can be a complicated process that will require a good reason. An attorney will be able to assist you with navigating through this process while also effectively conveying the need for the change as well as reasonable changes that the court will be more likely to approve.

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