Vital Reasons To Put A Skilled Trust Litigation Attorney On Retainer

When your family has a trust to protect and disperse assets and wealth from, you must ensure that any transactions that take place within or from it are legal and sound. If the state or federal government suspects fraud or abuse of the trust, you and your family may find yourselves at risk of being fined, penalized or sued.

To protect the family's trust fully, you can hire a lawyer to manage, scrutinize and represent it on behalf of your family. You can take advantage of the services that an experienced trust litigation attorney can offer to you and your family.

Addressing Document Forgery

The trust litigation attorney that you put on retainer can find out if any of the documents related to the trust have been forged. Forgery can undermine the integrity, legality and value of your family's trust. It can also open up your family and the trust itself to expensive litigation, such as lawsuits or audits.

To avoid these types of legal action, you can hire a trust litigation attorney to address any document forgery that is attached to the trust. Your attorney can revise or draft new documents. He or she can also have new legal documents notarized and filed with the court to ensure their legality. 

Litigating Coercion

If anyone in your family suspects coercion related to the trust, you can hire a trust litigation attorney to investigate this crime. The creator or executor of the trust, for example, might argue that he or she was coerced into distributing funds or providing access to the trust to certain people. He or she may have felt that there was no choice but to carry out these actions for fear of his or her reputation, life or financial wellness.

The trust litigation attorney that you retain can have this person testify under oath, which can potentially help the trust recoup lost assets and wealth. It can also invalidate a person's access to the trust and compel the family to revamp the will that stipulates whom gets money from the trust and what family members are exempt from inheritances.

A trust litigation attorney can provide important services for your family and the trust that you have created. He or she can scrutinize documents to find out if they have been forged. Your lawyer can also find out if the creator or executor was coerced into taking actions. 

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