Traveling The Personal Injury Road

If you have been hurt by a careless driver, you may be about to embark on a road trip. This trip may not be enjoyable, but it is necessary if you want to be paid for the way the other driver harmed you and gutted your financial situation. Read on to get started.

Get a Lawyer Right Away

Even if you are still not fully recovered, speak to a personal injury lawyer. Doing so early ensures that you don't make some detours that will harm your case. Personal injury lawyers can help you understand what you are entitled to be paid and can work on your behalf to get you that money.

Demand What You Deserve

Next, your lawyer will prepare a letter and sent it to the other driver's insurance company detailing what you want in terms of a settlement. This demand letter lists why you are not at fault for the accident, what you have in evidence to show your damages, and how much you want to be paid as soon as possible.

Negotiation Pitstops

The demand letter seldom results in an acceptable offer, but it does get things started with negotiations. You and your lawyer will decide what your lowest settlement amount will be and then the lawyers will discuss the facts of the case over the phone.

Road Construction and Your Case

If the other side is not willing to agree to an adequate settlement, you may need to file a suit against them and take them to court. Your lawyer will construct the case based on the evidence. Pretrial actions such as discovery will produce more facts to ready the parties for trial.

Enter the Trial Expressway

After discovery and jury selection, the trial begins. You might see the presentation of evidence like photographs of the crime scene and even photographs of your injuries. If fault is in dispute, expert witnesses are called to speak about how the accident probably occurred. Medical professionals might also be called on to provide information about how your injuries have affected you and how much more medical treatment you need.

The End of the Road

Once the jury rules and the judge speaks, the case is over. If you prevailed, a monetary judgment is coming your way. If not, you may have a case for an appeal.

To find out more about this unique type of road trip, speak to an accident lawyer