Benefits Of Hiring A Construction Lawyer

Construction projects are capital-intensive operations. Therefore, before undertaking one, it is vital to ensure all plans are in order, including establishing the rights and responsibilities of all partners. A construction lawyer can help you by educating you on statutes regulating the construction industry hence providing an avenue through which you can protect your interests. The lawyer will also offer other services like:

Negotiating with Partners and Stakeholders 

Construction projects require intense planning and partnerships with suppliers, employees, and local authorities. However, occasionally disputes may arise over issues like late delivery of construction equipment, payments for services rendered, and failure to meet construction targets. In such a situation, it is better to employ a construction lawyer since they can negotiate with your partners to reach a compromise that will ensure the project proceeds as planned. The lawyer will thus prevent you and your partners from ending up in a protracted legal battle that will stall the project leading to financial losses and loss of jobs for your employees. Therefore, a construction lawyer can help resolve disputes that endanger the completion of your project without heading to court.

Preparing Enforceable Contracts

When undertaking a construction project, you cannot rely on a verbal agreement between you and the contractor to guarantee the fulfillment of the project. You need a written agreement to protect you against the inadequacies of your partners. Therefore, you should hire a construction lawyer before signing off on a project. The lawyer will draft a contract that will stipulate the responsibilities of each party. The contract should also define fundamental terms and milestones, including project timelines, supply of construction materials, and settling construction bills. Consequently, if your partners fail to meet their obligations, the contract will serve as evidence during dispute resolution or a court hearing that your partners are at fault hence guaranteeing your compensation. 

Adhering to Regulations

The construction industry has strict regulations meant to guarantee the construction of buildings fit for human occupation. The laws also help protect construction workers due to the dangerous environment in which they work. You do not want to lose your permits and licenses because of non-compliance. Therefore, you should retain the services of a construction lawyer before commencing construction to help you understand all the regulatory matters relevant to your project. The lawyer will then ensure you meet all the regulations by helping you file permits and establish protocols pertinent to the construction. Consequently, their help in complying with rules will protect construction workers and mitigate legal liabilities arising from non-compliance.