Things To Watch For That Indicate Nursing Home Abuse

Putting an aging loved one into a nursing home is supposed to give you peace of mind that their needs are being met and they are getting the care necessary for their well-being. Unfortunately, sometimes the space that should be a refuge turns out to be a bigger concern. It's important to understand how to recognize the possibility of nursing home abuse so that you can keep your family member safe. Here are some of the more subtle signs to watch for.

Visitation Refusal

In most nursing homes, visitation hours are pretty accessible. If you find that you are suddenly being denied visitation to your loved one, or you're being told that your loved one is refusing your visitation without explanation, that's cause for concern. Keep a record of the times when you're refused visitation and the explanations you're provided, and try to call your loved one more frequently to ask questions about it. Being kept from visitation is sometimes an intervention measure used to prevent you from noticing injuries or wounds.

Losing Weight

If you visit your family member and you notice that he or she seems to be steadily losing weight, that's another thing that you should be attentive to. Weight loss like this is an indication of weaponizing meals. It's important that you understand the potential for this because many people overlook it. If your loved one doesn't seem to be as well nourished as they should, appears to be losing weight, or doesn't seem like they are being fed well, that is cause for concern.

Quiet, Reserved Interaction

When a typically outspoken, social, bubbly family member suddenly becomes reserved, quiet, and unsociable, that should be a cause for concern. Any significant change in behavior, attitude, or personality is a sign that there's something going on at the nursing home that's concerning. Ask your loved one about what's going on, and reassure them that they are safe and that you'll address the problem.

These are just a few of the things that everyone should understand when it comes to nursing home abuse. The more you know about the signs of abuse, the easier it is for you to recognize a problem before it becomes a significant safety threat to your family member. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help you address the situation if you're concerned about a facility that your family member is in, and they can help you understand what steps you can take.

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