Accusations A Motorist Might Raise To Shift Wrongdoing To You After A Motorcycle Crash

Some states prohibit riders who are partially liable for a collision from receiving full payment for their losses. Unfortunately, some drivers take advantage of these laws to minimize liability. Ultimately, this makes victims get a lower payment than they deserve or even fail to get compensation. Therefore, if a motorist accuses you of being at fault for the crash, you must do everything possible to prove your innocence. Your first step should be contacting a lawyer to fight for you. They will get evidence to dispute the following accusations the defendant might raise to shift wrongdoing unto you.

Accusations a Motorist Might Raise Linking You to the Crash

The driver who knocked you down might raise different accusations to link you to the crash. For instance, they might argue that you were speeding or weaving in and out of traffic. The wrongdoer might also accuse you of unsafe lane changes and carelessly passing or overtaking vehicles. In addition, they might accuse you of riding after consuming alcohol or failing to wear a helmet or other protective gear. Note that these accusations might make the wrongdoer appear innocent, even after making you suffer serious bodily harm. Given this, you need to hire a motorcycle accident attorney to get the evidence needed to prove that the defendant was fully responsible for your losses.

How Your Attorney Will Help You to Get Justice

Your legal advisor will gather evidence proving that you were not riding negligently when the crash happened. In addition, they may use other evidence to prove your innocence, including video surveillance. Your lawyer might also use witness statements of people who saw the collision to prove that the person who knocked you down was in the wrong. Finally, the report the police will create after investigating the accident and your recovery journal will also be useful in distancing you from the crash.

Furthermore, your attorney will also use different documents to show that you have never been in a crash before. Ultimately, this information will prove your innocence and show that the defendant was fully responsible for your injuries. So, your lawyer will compel them to take full responsibility for your medical and other crash-related expenses.

If the driver who hit you when riding is accusing you of wrongdoing to avoid compensating you, contact a motorcycle personal injury attorney immediately. This is because they will get evidence to prove that the defendant's actions led to the crash. Your lawyer will then negotiate to ensure you get a payment to cover your medical bills, lost income, and other losses.

Reach out to a personal injury attorney near you to learn more.