3 Important Behaviors To Avoid When Involved In A Custody Dispute

Custody disputes can cause a wide range of emotions for parents. This can cause some individuals to react erratically, which could jeopardize their chances of getting sole or joint custody. Certain behaviors may prompt a family court judge to be wary of awarding custody to a parent. There are many things that parents should not do if they are seeking custody. The following points highlight a few behaviors that could negatively impact a custody case.

Social Media Rants

Countless individuals have gotten themselves into trouble due to things posted on social media. It has cost some individuals their lives, jobs, and reputation. Imagine losing a custody battle over a written rant or video posted to social media. If the custody issue also involves a divorce, there is even more at stake. Individuals should avoid talking about the divorce, and it is best not to mention their spouse's name. Unmarried parents need to use the same precautions. Social media rants may make a judge question whether a parent is mentally stable.

Degrading the Other Parent Around the Children

A parent does not have to directly speak negatively to their children about the other parent. If they discuss the other parent with a friend or relative and say unsavory things with the child present, this could be viewed negatively by a family court judge. Some parents may go as far as telling their children inappropriate things about the other parent, which may also be frowned upon. 

Lying to Gain Favoritism

Some individuals may lie to family, friends, or anyone who will listen to gain support. However, lies can backfire, and it could cause a family court judge to question the credibility of the lying parent. The lies might include false information about abuse or exaggeration of events that occurred.

Individuals who lie while testifying in court are under oath and can get into serious legal trouble if their lies are discovered. A custody attorney will always advise their clients to tell the truth and ask the court to let them explain the circumstances surrounding unpleasant interactions with the other parent. It is well-known that individuals who were once a couple likely had some troubles if they are in a custody battle. There is no need to try to obscure the facts or lie to make oneself look better. 

A custody attorney is a good resource to use for more guidance on permissible and prohibited behaviors. Individuals who have already made the mistake of exhibiting inappropriate behaviors can benefit from having an attorney explain their actions in court. It is also helpful for these individuals to cease negative behaviors and show remorse in court.

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