Tips To Avoid Bond Revocation

When you secure your release from jail with a surety bond through a local bail bondsman, it's important to understand that your freedom is conditional. Many people overlook the finer points of a bond release and don't realize that their bond could be revoked at any time if the bond agent deems them a flight risk. Here are some things that you need to know to reduce the risk of bail revocation while you wait for your trial.

Maintain Contact 

Your bond agent will provide you with a list of requirements to maintain your release and one of the most significant ones is to stay in contact with their office. You may be asked to appear in person at their office periodically as well as make routine check-in phone calls. Make sure that you understand the check-in schedule and requirements, and adhere to it. That shows the bond agent that you are making a good-faith effort to preserve your freedom.

Keep Your Job

If you had a job at the time of your arrest, you might find that maintaining gainful employment is another condition of your bond release. That means you can't just quit your job because your bondsman might revoke your bail for doing so. Remember that having a job makes you less of a flight risk, so maintain your job when possible. If your employer terminates you as a result of your arrest, call your bondsman right away. They can help you understand what you need to do to stay in compliance with the terms of your release.

Avoid Trouble

You probably already understand that getting arrested again, while you're already out on a bail bond, is likely to land you back in jail. What you might not realize is that your bondsman could revoke your bail for associating with people who contribute to your criminal history or have a criminal history of their own. Avoid trouble entirely by cutting communication with those who could lure you back in, and consider any prohibitions that are included in your bond agreement, including avoiding contact with any co-defendants in your case.

These are a few of the most important considerations when you're out on bail and you want to protect your freedom. Remember that your bondsman will work with you if you reach out, so maintain communication and ask questions if you don't understand your bond requirements. The more proactive you are about being a responsible citizen, the better your chances are for staying out of jail until your trial.

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